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The Marcsmen - San Antonio’s Premier Men’s A Cappella Group In Concert

April 17,2016
Concert will be held at 3:00p.m.
Fredericksburg United Methodist Church 1800 N. Llano (Hwy. 16 North) Fredericksburg, Texas
There is no charge for these concerts as all concerts are funded through grants or private and corporate donations through mail, at the door, or through our website.

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The Marcsmen, San Antonio’s Premier Men’s A Cappella Group

We consider The Marcsmen to be a musical brotherhood. Sure, we love to sing and strive to make each other the best musicians we can be, but at the same time, we love to socialize. Whether it’s playing basketball, going out to dinner after rehearsal and singing tags in the parking lot until the wee hours or the morning, or ribbing each other in our discussion groups, we have fun together. Of course, that extends to all of our families as well, whom we consider to be just as much a part of the group as the actual members. Our members come from all walks of life at a variety of ages as young as 13 and as old as in their 70’s, from all parts of the South Texas region.

  Fredericksburg Music Club, Inc. Presents The Marcsmen San Antonio’s Premier Men’s A Cappella Group In Concert April 17,2016  

The Marcsmen
San Antonio’s Premier Men’s A Cappella Group



Our desire is to get out into the community and perform, to give the gift of great a cappella music through our own annual shows, plus in numerous community events. We offer Singing Telegrams for Valentines Day and special occasions and are available to sing at other events.


Each fall, The Marcsmen participate in the Southwestern District chorus competition. In this same event, barbershop quartets (as well as separate contests for collegiate quartets and senior quartets) compete for the right to be SW District Champions. This is an important time for each group, as not only do we get constructive feedback from a panel of experienced judges, but we get to come together with our friends from around the region. The winners of the competition in both quartet and chorus categories earn the right to compete in the Barbershop Harmony Society’s International Convention, held the first week in July every year. In 2015, 77th BHS International Competition will be held in Pittsburgh, PA.


Besides sharing our music with our community, another of our passions is working to master the art of a capella singing. Vocal instruction, placement, enunciation and clarity of tone are all things that we work on in every chorus rehearsal, which helps us to produce the consistent tones we call The Marcsmen Sound. On occasion, we will even have special visits from a coaching master in the art of barbershop, particularly when nearing a competition, that focuses on improving our singing, musical interpretation or presentation skills in order to perfect our performance and help our members become better musicians.

Youth Chorus

The Southwestern District also has a youth chorus, comprised of a number of young men aged 25 or under, that competes every year in the Mid-Winter Convention (to be held in New Orleans, LA in 2015). This youth chorus, known as The Young Guns, includes a number of young members of The Marcsmen, and the Director of the youth chorus, Manny Lopez, is also a member of The Marcsmen.

Source:The Marcsmen Website



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