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Christine Albert - In Concert

March 16, 2014
Concert will be held at 3:00p.m.
Fredericksburg United Methodist Church 1800 N. Llano (Hwy. 16 North) Fredericksburg, Texas
There is no charge for these concerts as all concerts are funded through grants or private and corporate donations through mail, at the door, or through our website.

  Christine Albert - Performers Biography  


Christine Albert's French Show

Christine Albert's French grandmother lived in Paris and her mother was born in Switzerland, so she was surrounded by the French language and culture throughout her childhood. In a Santa Fe high school French class she discovered the music of Edith Piaf and the sounds of a Parisian caf began to show up in the music of this country/folk singer-songwriter. Throughout her career she has continued to move naturally and gracefully between the genres.

Christine Gage Harpsichord, cello, violin, and flute

Since the 1992 release of the bilingual "Texafrance", the 2003 follow up "Texafrance-Encore!" and 2008's "Paris, Texafrance", Christine Albert has been enchanting audiences with her Franco-Lone Star fusion described by The Austin American Statesman as "a waltz across Texas with Maurice Chevalier.


She has evolved into the consummate Texas Chanteuse, combining her musical influences from Texas to Paris, Haggard to Piaf. Dirty Linen Magazine commented that Christine sings in an expressive soprano with just enough twang to make the Cajun/Texas flavor evident and just enough crispness to inhabit effectively the more Parisian of the tunes she chooses.


Texafrance-Encore! was produced by Albert's soft times duet partner Chris Gage and features a mixed bag of music, from the familiar "Mademoiselle de Paris" and jazz master Stephane Grapellis lively "Coucou" to the 18th-century ballad-turned-folk-song "Plaisir d Amour".

April was a fitting month for the release of Paris, Texafrance the third in the Texafrance series. Again produced by Chris Gage, the CD includes songs by Alberts inspiration, Edit Piaf, as well as tunes from Charles Trenet with English translations handled by Ms. Albert. The music is warm and acoustic and the character of a 100 year old Bechstein grand piano in Gage’s hands is the centerpiece. Ms. Albert’s voice has matured and the possessor of one of the best and purest voices in Austin, Texas (3rd Coast Magazine) shines on this outing.

Source: Christine Albert Website



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