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Fredericksburg Music Club 2021 – 2022 Concert Schedule


September 19

Daniel Hsu
Concert Pianist
Bronze Medalist From The 15th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition

Characterized by the Philadelphia Inquirer as a “poet…[with] an expressive edge to his playing that charms, questions, and coaxes,” Daniel Hsu is a fast-rising pianist who was recently named the bronze medalist at the 15th Van Cliburn international piano competition


Kenny Broberg, Silver Medalist Cliburn Pianist
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October 10

Nathaniel Mayfield

A Texas native with international roots has won and has been recognized in numerous solo competitions. He has premiered numerous solo and chamber works for trumpet from contemporary composers and is one of the three trumpeters in "NEXT" Ensemble, a group that incorporates baroque, jazz and classical/romantic trumpet in contemporary/experimental settings.


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November 21

Albert and Gage
Vocalists and Musicians

Christine Albert & Chris Gage have a long track record of making beautiful music together, although both musicians' individual pedigrees are far more extensive. Over the course of six duet albums, the duo has demonstrated that disparate backgrounds do not preclude musical soul mates from finding one another.


Backtrack Vocals
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January 16

Agarita Chamber Players
Violin, Viola, Cello, and Piano

Agarita Chamber Players is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) formed in March 2018. Founded by four musicians rooted in San Antonio, Agarita aims to nourish the arts community through multidisciplinary collaboration, educational community engagement, and free, adventurous programming.

From San Antonio, Agarita provides world-class, innovative performances for San Antonio, in San Antonio, and with San Antonio.


Take 3
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February 20

Lone Star Brass
Trumpets, Horn, Trombone, and Tuba

The Lone Star Brass presents concerts that display the consummate technical skill of each performer and the expertise involved in working together as an ensemble. From New York to New Mexico, this seasoned ensemble offers programs of classical music, jazz, original works and even opera - complete with wigs and costumes. They perform to have fun, and it rubs off on their audiences at each and every concert.


Anne Marie Shaver
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March 20

Ensemble Next Parallel

Clarinet, Violin and Piano

Ensemble Next Parallel is a next generation artists initiative. Our mission is to define the future of music through connecting artists around the world.

Yevgeny Dokshansky, clarinet. Enrique Reynosa, violin.



UT Marimba Band
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April 10

River City Ringers 
San Antonio Area Community Handbell Choir

The River City Ringers’ mission is, “to provide entertainment and education for the advancement of the art of handbell ringing.”  Being a 501(c)(3) organization, the auditioned group, founded in 2005 by dedicated directors and ringers, present a varied repertoire of music that demonstrates a full range of handbell techniques.


Bella Voce (Baylor)
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May 15

Doug Montgomery

For over thirty years, music lovers around the world have agreed with the Chicago Sun Times, “There is only one Doug Montgomery.” His unforgettable live performances and his numerous versatile recordings reveal the vast talent of this world-class musician and his repeat engagements at some of the country’s premier private and corporate events proves the appeal is surely the music but also the man himself. In fifth grade he walked through the doors of his first music class and entered a whole new world. Recalling, the experience, Doug claims he can still smell the ink on the copies containing the song the teacher passed out that day.

Scott Cuellar
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Concerts will be held at 3:00 p.m.
Fredericksburg United Methodist Church
1800 N. Llano (Hwy. 16 North) – Fredericksburg, Texas


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P.O. Box 1214, Fredericksburg, Texas 78624

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