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Contributions For Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano, Thank You!

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FMC Piano Contributions

An account has been set up for the Fredericksburg
Music Club for anonymous donations.
Anonymous piano gifts can be sent to:

Steinway Piano Gallery
%Sherry Bird
12980 North Highway 183
Austin, Texas 78750

Make your check payable to Steinway Piano Gallery
and write Fredericksburg Music Club Piano Fund in
the memo line of your check.  

Why Start a Piano Fund Drive

You may be asking why we are starting a piano fund drive during these hard economic times and you deserve an answer. Our current Baldwin Concert Grand piano has been a very good piano for the Music Club for many years but it will soon need to be rebuilt due to tonal deficiencies, especially in the mid to upper registers. It is a 1965 model and really needs about a $30,000 rebuild to be back in really good shape. So instead of working toward a rebuild we are seeking donations to buy a new Steinway piano. A new Steinway costs $124,000 so we need to start seeking donations while we can still use the Baldwin. If we wait 5 years to start raising money it will put us in a position to possibly not make the best long term decision for the Music Club. We should get around $20,000 trade in on our Baldwin and we have some money in the Music Club Foundation so we are not starting from zero. Every fifty or so years we need to perform significant work on our piano – we hope that by being proactive we can raise the money needed so we are ready when the time comes. We hope you will support us in this effort.


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